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Throughout American history, Black business owners have been the backbone of our nation's economy, representing the American spirit of innovation, grit, and hard work. That untold story is the focus of BOSS: The Black Experience in Businessdirected by Stanley Nelson, which follows the story of Black entrepreneurship from the country's founding to the present, showing how African Americans have used business as a tool of wealth-building and freedom. (You can learn more about Stanley Nelson's work here.)

I reached out to Black business owners from all over Boston and asked them for their advice for the next generation of Black business owners. Here's what they said:

Dion McKinley, owner of Deliver Wash laundry service, recommends the three Cs: Commitment: As an entrepreneur you must commit to your brand. It’s not a sprint — it’s a marathon. ConsistentAn entrepreneur must be consistent to ensure brand quality. You have to compete with other brands that may have been around for awhile and have a large customer base. Courage: An entrepreneur must have the courage to fail. Yet you can’t waste your time worrying about your business failing — nothing is guaranteed.”




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